Toronto Paramedic Services Ceremonial Guard

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The Toronto Paramedic Services Ceremonial Guard and Marching Unit is a unique and well trained team who march at ceremonial events. This prestigious group of men and women comprises all aspects of Toronto Paramedic Services, from communications, paramedics, support staff, Pioneers, and management. Its purpose is to honour comrades of Toronto Paramedic Services and our allied emergency services, and to support local community events by attending parades and award functions.

The unit was formed in 1993 with 21 members. Since 1996 it has grown to 35 members and has adopted a full dress uniform. Present and past members have brought dedication and enthusiasm to the unit, along with the application of military conduct and protocol including both music and marching. The Toronto Paramedic Services Ceremonial Guard carries non-firing guns which allows them to qualify for the “colour guard” designation needed to compete in marching band competitions across North America.

Not only has the Ceremonial Guard shown its award-winning form of military style precision marching in Canada, it has also performed and won accolades in the United States. Currently, the Ceremonial Guard attend up to 70 different functions during the year. Toronto Paramedic Services takes pride in its Ceremonial Guard, and the community can be proud of its high level of commitment and regimental display.

For more information, contact Bruce Newton: or (416) 392-1893.