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See and Be Seen, Day or Night

Wear proper clothing, clothes that make you more visible. Wear neon, fluorescent, or other bright colours and keep clothes close fitting to avoid being caught in the bicycle’s moving parts.
A day-glo flag (as tall as possible) should be attached to the back of a child’s bike, so the child can be seen easily by other drivers.
Children should ride only during daylight hours. After dusk, children should walk their bike home or have someone pick them up instead.
Be cautious when biking at night. If you have to ride at night, equip your bicycle with a white headlight and a red tail light, and front and rear reflectors. Wear reflective clothing or materials, especially on your ankles, wrists, back, and helmet. A reflective vest or reflective tape sewn on clothing makes you far more visible at night. Ride in areas that are familiar and on streets that are brightly lit.


Long pants and long-sleeved shirts cut down on scraped elbows and knees. Clothes should fit snugly; use ankle clips or rubber bands to keep pant legs from catching in the gears, chain or on the bike. Experienced bikers prefer shorts. Gloves reduce hand fatigue caused by continually gripping the handlebars and also offer some protection for your palms in case of a fall. Use of shatter-resistant protective eye wear is also recommended.

Headphones should never be worn, as they hinder the rider’s ability to hear traffic.