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After the Parents Return

When parents return home, ask the babysitter if the children are safe and if anything unusual happened, telephone calls, visits, and so on. As the babysitter you should report bad behaviour but always report the good behaviour of the children as well. You may also consider keeping a journal of activities. By recording events and activities you can better describe for the parents all that has taken place.

Most important, when the babysitter has left, talk to your children about what happened while you were gone. Ask them what games they played and about any other activities. Ask your children whether they like and trust the babysitter and if anything happened that made them uncomfortable or afraid.

Getting the babysitter home

Parents should make sure that the babysitter is escorted home, and wait until he or she is safely inside their home before you leave.

The babysitter should make certain that an adult escorts them. As a babysitter, if your employer appears intoxicated, insist that someone else take you home, or call someone else to come to pick you up.

In conclusion

Parents are responsible for providing a safe environment for both their children and the babysitter. By properly preparing your home for your absence, you minimize the risks of being away.

Babysitters must be constantly aware of where the children are and what it is that they are doing. A well-prepared babysitter will be highly respected and greatly appreciated by parents.

We hope that we have given both parents and babysitters a lot to think about.