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Babysitter’s Preparation for a Job

Take babysitting responsibilities seriously. Responsible babysitters can prepare even before their first babysitting job. Many schools have babysitter training programs. Prospective babysitters learn how children behave at various ages, how to play with them, meal preparation and discipline.

It’s a good idea to learn basic first aid and infant and child CPR before embarking on a babysitting career. This is something you should talk over with your parents, because learning these things requires a real commitment. You will have to attend courses to learn the proper way of performing these skills. But it’s worth the trouble to feel confident that you’re trained to help in an emergency, and it gives parents real peace of mind

Get directions to the job location and make arrangements to get to the location and return home from the babysitting job. Don’t wait until the last minute, check with your mother, father or older sibling before leaving your house to make sure that they can pick you up at the right time. If the parents you will be babysitting for will take you home, that’s great, but don’t assume that they can or will. Just be sure to ask them before they leave the house. If you live within walking distance and you know that the parents won’t be home until after dark, ask a parent, sibling, or the parent you will be babysitting for to walk you home.

The babysitter should arrive at the home early, up to 30 minutes if it will be the first time the babysitter has been to the house. This time is critical for parents to provide the babysitter with instructions and a tour of the house.