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Recruitment for 2016 is now closed.

Employment Opportunities

Toronto Paramedic Services is now accepting applications for part time primary care paramedics.

Submit your resume through the city online service “TALENTFLOW”.

Apply here:   Paramedic Application


All applicants are required to submit all documentation by stage 3. click on the link below for a complete list of required documentation:

The Steps
STAGE 1: Written Exam

January 13th , 14th , 15th , 2016 at the Toronto Police College – 70 Birmingham St. Toronto
100 multiple choice question exam utilizing Scantron cards (pencils provided). 2 hours.
The exam is based on: The Ambulance Act, MOH BLS and ALS standards 3.1, A & P (general), The Highway Traffic Act (as it applies to ambulance), and the Occupational Health & Safety Act.
You will be required to show your F licence and AEMCA or AEMCA pending (expectation to graduate letter) for entry to write the exam.
Casual attire permitted.

STAGE 2: Interviews

Those successful at Stage 1 will proceed to interviews. Mini Multiple Interview format. Approximately 1 hour total time. Please arrive at least a ½ hour prior to the scheduled time for any documentation processing.
Uniform or business attire.

 STAGE 3: Practicals/ Lifting 

Multiple scenario format, including communication scenarios, trauma and medical, and a lifting component. You and your partner will be together for the duration. 4 hours.
Proof of physical capability (PAA, PAE, or PAV) required prior to admittance. Your PAA, PAE, or PAV must be no older than 6 months from the date of your test.
All Documentation is required at this point. Please arrive at least a ½ hour early to process documentation.
College or allied uniform and safety shoes/boots required.

 STAGE 4: Driving Test 

Current Driver’s Abstract must be presented on test date. 2 hours.
This is outdoors, dress for the conditions. Safety shoes/boots required.

 STAGE 5: Base Hospital Certification 

Candidates receiving an offer of employment will be required to attend Sunnybrook Base Hospital’s certification process, including orientation, auxiliary orders and certification testing.
Candidates currently certified, in good standing, with an Ontario base hospital physician and who are currently employed as a paramedic, with a paramedic service, will be required to cross certify with Sunnybrook Base Hospital.

Applicants from jurisdictions outside the Province of Ontario without their Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant (A-EMCA) designation will be required to enter the equivalency process with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care in order to establish their qualifications to work in the Province of Ontario.

For more information on paramedic employment with the City of Toronto, please email:

Toronto Paramedic Services will require proof of a valid Class F Ontario driver’s licence, and AEMCA, College Diploma or a letter of expectation to graduate for admission into the entrance exam.

Toronto Paramedic Services requires proof of a valid successful Physical Agility Evaluation (PAE) or PAV document from Ability Works or a valid Physical Agility Assessment (PAA) document from Sibley and Associates prior to STAGE 3 (Practicals). Your PAE, PAV or PAA must be no older than 6 months from the date of your test.

You must have authorized Ability Works and/or Sibley to release the “verified” results to Toronto Paramedic Services. Please contact Ability Works at or Sibley at for more information.

The City of Toronto only accepts job applications through our online form. 

Apply here:   Paramedic Application

Please do not email or mail résumés or applications directly to Toronto Paramedic Services.

Applicants are responsible for the safe and timely arrival of their documents. All applications and résumés are kept on file for a period of six months. Committed to employment equity, The City of Toronto encourages applications from Aboriginal people, people with disabilities, racial minorities and women.

For more information on becoming a paramedic
Detailed information on this process can also be found on the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care web site.

Read about Level I paramedic Skill Levels.

Toronto Police College – 70 Birmingham St. Toronto