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Here is my story.

I have wanted to be a paramedic since the days of “Johnny and Roy” on TV’s Emergency. I am proud to say that I have been doing this work for 28 years and have been able to provide paramedic service in a number of ways throughout my career. I was part of a team of paramedics who started the first tactical team in Canada, belonged to the Public Order Unit and currently I am in the Community Paramedicine Program. Along the way I became a registered nurse.

Community Paramedicine has given me an opportunity to use all my experience to help vulnerable citizens get connected to City services. I meet individuals with different needs and in a variety of environments every day. I find it rewarding to help those who need assistance, even if it is a small thing like calling the pharmacy for the client, or something big like finding a wheelchair for someone who can’t afford it.

I have a motto: identify, connect and prevent. This means to me, identify individuals who need support, connect them to the right resource and prevent them from risk if possible. I do this one client at a time. My work, like that of my other colleagues, is dedicating ourselves to the care of our community.

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