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Paramedic Dara

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Hello, I’m Dara. I’m a primary care paramedic for Toronto Paramedic Services. I respond to 911 calls, and provide hands on care for the sick or injured in emergency situations. I examine and evaluate patients who are experiencing medical or traumatic emergencies in out-of-hospital settings, and treat them with equipment and medication following medical directives outlined by our base hospital physician. When necessary, my partner and I transport patients to local hospital for continued treatment.

Paramedics are an integral part of the overall delivery of service of Toronto Paramedic Services as we work the front line and provide direct patient care. We are the first medical responders on the scene in an emergency. We bring the emergency room to you. Our ‘office’ is our ambulance, which is filled with high tech equipment and lifesaving medications.

Paramedics are trained to identify and initiate treatment for numerous medical conditions including asthma attacks, allergic reactions, hypoglycemia, drug overdoses, seizures, strokes, heart attacks or cardiac arrests. We stabilize patients who have experienced traumatic injuries from gunshots, stabbings, falls or car accidents. Paramedics are trained to react without delay so patients’ symptoms and injuries don’t deteriorate.

I believe that my chosen profession is important to the citizens and visitors of the City of Toronto, especially when they call 911 for help. In an emergency, anywhere within the city, at any time of the day, highly skilled paramedics will arrive to provide emergency care.

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