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Toronto Paramedic Services is the sole provider of emergency medical response for the City of Toronto: a service district encompassing 650 square kilometres with a daytime population of 3.5 million people. This makes Toronto Paramedic Services the largest municipal paramedic ambulance service in Canada, and one of the most comprehensive pre-hospital emergency care systems in the world.

Our paramedics are trained professionals who are highly skilled in all aspects of pre-hospital emergency medicine. They treat a wide variety of injuries and medical conditions, while providing supportive patient care and safe transportation to an appropriate medical facility. An advanced computer-aided dispatch system linked to a 9-1-1 system means the time from receiving a call to the arrival of a paramedic crew is only a matter of minutes. In many instances, the initial emergency care rendered by a paramedic is the deciding factor between life and death, temporary or permanent disability, a brief confinement or prolonged hospitalization for a patient. In critical situations, paramedics are required to demonstrate leadership, well-developed human relations skills, rapid decision-making, and a high degree of empathy for both the patients and their families.

Paramedics are the most visible members of our staff to the general public, however, the successful operation of Toronto Paramedic Services requires teamwork from a wide range of employees. There are four main Paramedic Services divisions, each administered by four Deputy Chiefs and supervised by one Chief.