New TTC Emergency Alarm Campaign


Subway Emergency Alarm

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Toronto Paramedic Services Chief Paul Raftis joined Toronto Police, Toronto Fire and TTC staff today to launch a new awareness campaign “Press for Emergencies Only”. This campaign will help subway riders understand that pressing the passenger Emergency Alarm is like calling 9-1-1 for a paramedics, a police officer, or a firefighter.

The Emergency Alarm is a long yellow bar located above the windows of a subway train, along the wheelchair positions and at each end of the subway cars, as well as near the doors of the Toronto Rocket trains.

The Emergency Alarm should be used if a customer needs paramedic, police or fire services.

When the Emergency Alarm is activated, the train proceeds to the next station. Transit Control is made aware of the alarm and notifies 9-1-1.

Whenever an Emergency Alarm is activated, service on the subway will be delayed anywhere from two to 20 minutes, depending on the nature or urgency of the incident.

Read more on the TTC website.