Learn the Signs and Symptoms of Stroke

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Cherie and Nick

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Toronto Paramedic Services plays an important role in the care and treatment of stroke patients.

As soon as you suspect you are experiencing (or observe someone you are with experiencing) the signs and symptoms of stroke, immediately call 911 for the paramedics.

Toronto Paramedic Services’ emergency medical dispatchers and paramedics are trained to identify the signs and symptoms of stroke and to diagnose that a stroke is in progress. Paramedics are then able to immediately treat and transport the stroke patient to the closest one of three Stroke Treatment Centres in the City of Toronto, saving valuable time for the patient receiving the appropriate treatment.

There are three designated Stroke Treatment Centres in the City of Toronto. Find out more about designated Stroke Centres in the Toronto Stroke Networks website.

Listen to Cherie Madden’s experience with this process:

Learn the signs of stroke poster: Face: is it drooping? Arms: can you raise both?Speech: is it slurred or jumbled? Time: to call 911 right away. Act FAST because the quicker you act, the more of the person you save.