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Fleet Mechanic Ross

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Hi my name is Ross. I have been working with the Toronto Paramedic Services as a mechanic for a few years now, and I have worked in other mechanic shops in the past. I have to say that working with Toronto Paramedic Services gives me such pride in what I do. Although I am not a front line paramedic providing medical care, I am very proud of the work that I do to ensure the safety of our paramedics and the safety of the patients we transport.

I am proud to say that I am part of this, knowing that the vehicles that I work on is going to assist a sick person in their time of need, to take them to the hospital, in a safe and reliable way. I am very proud of what I do.

I enjoy coming to work every day because I am part of the puzzle that makes Toronto Paramedic Services do what they do best, and that I am part of a team that makes a difference. My kids always get a kick when we see an ambulance rushing by with the lights and sirens blaring…they turn to me and wait for my comment, “GO GET ‘EM GUYS”!

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