Fifty New Canadians Receive Their Citizenship at Toronto Paramedic Services Headquarters Today

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Citizenship Ceremony 2015

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Citizenship Judge Ruth Klein granted Canadian citizenship to 50 new Canadians at a Citizenship and Immigration Canada ceremony this morning at Toronto Paramedic Services headquarters at 4330 Dufferin St.

More than 100 guests in attendance saw the Toronto Paramedic Service Honour Guard escort Chief Paul Raftis, his senior team, and Judge Klein to the podium to begin the 45 minute ceremony.

“Canadian citizenship is a privilege to hold,” said Chief Raftis. “It is also a privilege for me to serve as the Chief of Toronto Paramedic Services and to lead our outstanding team of paramedics, emergency medical dispatchers and operational support staff, all of whom provide world-class emergency medical care in the community.

“Citizenship ceremonies are a unique part of Canadian civic life,” said Judge Klein. “It is one of the few occasions when we formally reflect on the rights, responsibilities and benefits of being a Canadian citizen. I thank Chief Raftis for showing his support to new Canadians each year by hosting this ceremony.”

This is the third year Toronto Paramedic Services has hosted a citizenship ceremony as part of its annual Toronto Paramedic Services Week community activities.

Toronto Paramedic Services Week is an opportunity to educate Toronto residents about the services that paramedics and emergency medical dispatchers provide, including responding to residents calling 9-1-1 for paramedics in over 150 languages, explaining the role paramedics play in the community, and most importantly, when to call 9-1-1 for a paramedic.

Knowing when to call and who to call is important to make sure the patient receives the right service and care. If a person is unconscious and not breathing or if their bleeding won’t stop, call 9-1-1 for the paramedics. If the patient is suffering cold or flu, calling Telehealth (1-866-797-0000) for advice may be a better medical option.