Emergency Medical Dispatcher Michelle

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Emergency Medical Dispatcher Michelle

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Hello, I’m Michelle. I am an emergency medical dispatcher at Toronto Paramedic Services.

I am trained to answer 911 calls and triage them while paramedics are responding in the ambulance to the emergency. My training includes strategies to quickly get the address or a location close to the emergency scene, even when the caller seems unable to direct us. After determining the cause for the 911 call, I can provide you with the appropriate first aid instructions to allow you to help the patient until the paramedics arrive. Part of my training includes sending the correct ambulance resource (to each situation based upon the emergency identified. This skill allows me to effectively and efficiently handle multiple calls at the same time while ensuring every patient is receives the best care available.

The most rewarding part of my job is when someone breathlessly indicates that the paramedics have arrived. They don’t need to say anything, but it is clear from the tone in their voice that no matter the outcome, they were grateful for having someone on the other end of the phone that cared and stayed to help them and their sick loved one.

I work in a fast paced, high stress environment, keeping citizens and paramedics as safe as possible, no matter the call.

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