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The CACC Training Application was created in 2005 and was last updated in 2012 to run natively on Mac computers with Intel processors. Unfortunately as time has passed, the application has become more challenging to run with successive versions of the Mac operating system. The development tool that was originally used to create this application (Adobe Director) is no longer supported and so it is unlikely that the application will be updated in its current form.

With macOS Sierra, in our testing, it is now necessary to use the following workaround in order to run the application. Please follow these steps:

  • Connector.

    Step One

    Right-click on Start, but instead of clicking Open, click Show Package Contents:

  • Connector.

    Step Two

    That should open a new window like this:

  • Connector.

    Step Three

    Navigate to “Contents > MacOS > Start”, and double-click Start.

  • Connector.

    Step Four

    This dialog should appear:

  • Connector.

    Step Five

    Click Open, obviously.

    But now it gets slightly tricky. The grey screen should open with a terminal window or two in front. If you click the screen at this point, the visual interface for the CACC (Start) application may never appear.

    Instead, use Command+Tab on the keyboard to switch to the Start application (after you click Open above). Then you may have to wait 30 seconds to a minute for anything to happen, but try not to click anything while waiting. With any luck, you’ll heard the audio, and a few seconds later the intro video will start to play. If you don’t click anything and don’t use the application switcher, the application should load, but a Terminal window artifact will stay on screen which doesn’t interfere, but is visually distracting.