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  • Pride Parade
  • Science Centre
  • Honour Guard
  • Santa Claus Parade
  • Patches the Bearamedic with friends
  • Paramedics at the CNE
The employees of Toronto Paramedic Services take pride in giving back to our community. Here are some of the many ways we engage with the people of Toronto:

Our Mascot: Patch the Bearamedic

Toronto Paramedic Services is pleased to present Patch the Bearamedic. Patch joined our service this year and is the goodwill ambassador for Toronto Paramedic Services.

Patch’s duties also include the promotion of safety, special events and paramedic awareness.

Patch has already met a lot of people in the time he has been with Toronto Paramedic Services. Patch would love to take a selfie with you.

Toronto Paramedic Services Week

Annually the third week of May, paramedics set up displays in many public places to educate the public on their role in the community. They demonstrate their skills including how to perform CPR and how to save a life using a public access defibrillator.

Paramedic Day at the Canadian National Exhibition

Every year since 2005, Paramedic Day at the CNE has been a great day for everyone who takes part in the First Responders’ Parade, or interacts with the hundreds of people who come through to see our booths at the Paramedic Community Park. Other services join us greeting the public and explaining the importance of paramedic services.

The First Responders’ Parade is a big highlight of the day. With the help of other services, we march with ambulances, ERUs, bikes, vintage ambulances and our ESU bus as part of the parade. Toronto Paramedic staff come out to join in, and throw strings of Mardi Gras beads to the eager crowds.

Parades and events throughout the year

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

For 20 years, Toronto Paramedic Services employees have marched in Toronto’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This year for the third year we have led the collection the Food Drive for Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank as part of our parade contribution for a total of $900.00 and 345 pounds of food.

Beaches Easter Parade

Every year Toronto Paramedic Honour Guard accompanied by vintage ambulances participate in this Toronto Easter tradition.

Pride Parade

Since 2002, Toronto Paramedic Services employees have supported the Pride Week activities by marching in the parade with an ever-increasing contingent. This year over 20 members of our staff participated.

Warrior’s Day Parade

Every August the Toronto Paramedic Services Honour Guard marches in the Warrior’s Day parade. Many Toronto Paramedic Services employees are either members of the Canadian Forces Reserve or have family members in service.

Remembrance Day Ceremonies

Toronto Paramedic Services volunteers and Honour Guard members participate in ceremonies across the City including at Old City Hall.

Santa Claus Parade

Toronto Paramedic Services employee volunteers drive all the floats in the parade. They have been doing this for twenty-five years and are extremely dedicated, spending many hours of their personal time in preparation. Some employees have recently passed on their duties at the parade to sons or daughters who have joined the service. It has become a family tradition!

United Way Campaign

The City’s 14th annual United Way campaign raised over $1.4 million for United Way charities last year—a record level. Toronto Paramedic Services helped boost the final total with employee contributions totalling $112,052 with a 42% employee participation rate.

We raised funds through payroll deduction and through the hosting of several events, including bingo, a raffle, the CN Tower Stair Climb, a breakfast and a lunchtime barbecue.

Medical Venturers

Toronto Paramedic Services, in partnership with Scouts Canada, operates a vocational Venturer Company and Rover Crew for male and female youth ages 14 to 25. The group consists of a two Venturer companies: 1st Downsview and 1st Scarborough.
Toronto Paramedic Services MedVent training staff provide the youth with Toronto Paramedic Services certified first aid training as well as orientation in paramedic procedures. They are also assisted by civilian trainer Rick Speckeen, Jenny Leung and Adam Gesicki as well as numerous community college student in the CTS Canadian Career College paramedic program.

Toronto Paramedic Services Education and Development oversees the medical training which is provided to Toronto Paramedic Services standards.

For more information, visit www.medvents.ca.


The Toronto Paramedic Services Pioneers are a registered non-profit organization incorporated on May 24, 1989. The group’s objectives are to provide social and informational support to personnel of Toronto Paramedic Services who have retired and to encourage members to participate in community activities.

The Pioneers have assisted with the following charities:

  • CN Tower Climb for the United Way
  • Big Brothers Bowlathon
  • The Terry Fox Run for The Canadian Cancer Society
  • The Alzheimer Association
  • The Sunshine Familathon
  • Children’s Wish Foundation
  • Hugh MacMillan Centre for hearing impaired children
  • Polar Bear Swim for the United Way
  • The Scott Mission
  • Variety Village.

Full membership is afforded to retirees or working staff of Toronto Paramedic Services who are 55 years of age and have 25 years of service.

EMS White Knights Motorcycle Association

EMS White Knights is a non-profit organization, consisting of casualty care trained personnel, who promote motorcycle safety.

We participate with other motorcycle associations in community events supporting various charities. Our goal is to bring awareness to patient care and safe motorcycle riding, by increasing our membership throughout North America.

For more information, visit www.emswhiteknights.com.