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Newstalk 1010’s Teri Hart recently interviewed Chief Paul Raftis of Toronto Paramedic Services. In their discussion, Teri queried Chief Raftis about the people who make up Toronto Paramedic Services, the organization’s rich history and making the Right Call to receive the most appropriate medical assistance.

Chief Raftis describes the men and women of the Toronto Paramedic Services as “highly skilled and the best in the business.” Whether they are emergency medical dispatchers, paramedics or support and leadership staff, he refers to them as “caring and compassionate.” And, he points out that the team’s professionalism and compassion never wavers when responding to more than 250 thousand calls per year.

The chief described the tremendous strides Toronto Paramedic Services has made throughout its evolution, noting that in the 1970s, a chauffeur’s licence and a first aid certificate was all that was required in the profession. Today, the Toronto Paramedic Services team is a group of highly trained medical professionals, many of whom speak multiple languages, representing a diverse and multicultural Toronto. 

Teri then asked Chief Raftis about when to make the Right Call for the Right Care.

“Always call 911 when someone is suffering from an emergency such as chest pains, shortness of breath, or unconsciousness,” explained Chief Raftis.

He recommended calling Telehealth Ontario or visiting a walk-in clinic or family doctor for non-emergency situations or minor ailments such as a cold or flu, or having a minor sprain or strain.

You can listen to Teri Hart’s interview with Chief Paul Raftis above, and on Newstalk 1010 at various times of the day during Toronto Paramedics Week, May 25 to May 29, 2015.

Make the RIGHT CALL for the RIGHT CARE.