Changing the Name: behind the scenes

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Ambulance - New Design

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Ambulance—New Design

Changing the name and visual identity of a service as large as Toronto Paramedic Services, with over 1000 employees is a major undertaking. It was important to us that the new name be clearer and more reflective of our service (See Chief Paul Raftis’ announcement video for more), but it was also important that it be done in consultation with our staff, and that it would be fiscally responsible.

To that end, we ran internal surveys on the name itself, as well as the symbols of our visual identity such as the shoulder badge, and the uniforms worn by our paramedics. These surveys were of utmost importance in achieving designs which all of our staff members had a hand in approving.

The largest potential cost in changing our name would be our uniforms and marked vehicles. However, these are items that rotate through replacement schedules in any case. So in fact we will not be spending any additional funds in this way. We will simply issue new uniforms with the new markings as the time comes to replace old uniforms. And the same goes for the markings on our vehicles.

For this reason, you will continue to see us identified as Toronto Emergency Medical Services for some months and possibly years to come. We look forward to showing off our new look in due time, But for now, be assured that our commitment to you remains as strong as ever, and that there will be absolutely no interruption of service throughout this process.

  • Ambulance Rear - New Design

    Ambulance Rear – New Design

  • Ambulance Rear Open – New Design

  • Emergency Response Unit – New Design

  • Emergency Response Unit Rear—New Design