Learn the Signs and Symptoms of Stroke

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Cherie and Nick

Toronto Paramedic Services plays an important role in the care and treatment of stroke patients. As soon as you suspect you are experiencing (or observe someone you are with experiencing) the signs and symptoms of stroke, immediately call 911 for the paramedics. Toronto Paramedic Services’ emergency medical dispatchers and paramedics are trained to identify the signs and symptoms of stroke … Read More

Paramedic Tasos

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Paramedic Tasos

paramedic services week profiles Click for yesterday’s profile Hi, I’m Tasos and I’m a level one paramedic and have been with the City of Toronto since 2010. I’m currently assigned to the Safe City Program, a unit of Toronto Paramedic Services. Though there are many moving parts to this program, it can be broken down into two general areas of … Read More

Paramedic & Field Training Officer Ben

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Advanced Care Paramedic & Field Training Officer Ben

paramedic services week profiles Click for yesterday’s profile Hi, I’m Ben, one of Toronto Paramedic Service’s field training officers (FTOs). We are also certified paramedics. We all strive to improve our work environment and to provide the best patient care for the citizens of Toronto. We do it because we know that medicine is constantly evolving and improving and we … Read More

Paramedic Deb

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Paramedic Deb

paramedic services week profiles Click for yesterday’s profile Here is my story. I have wanted to be a paramedic since the days of “Johnny and Roy” on TV’s Emergency. I am proud to say that I have been doing this work for 28 years and have been able to provide paramedic service in a number of ways throughout my career. … Read More

Paramedic Dara

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Paramedic Dara

paramedic services week profiles Hello, I’m Dara. I’m a primary care paramedic for Toronto Paramedic Services. I respond to 911 calls, and provide hands on care for the sick or injured in emergency situations. I examine and evaluate patients who are experiencing medical or traumatic emergencies in out-of-hospital settings, and treat them with equipment and medication following medical directives outlined … Read More

Toronto Paramedic Services Schedule of Events for Paramedic Services Week, 28 May – 3 June 2017

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Paramedic Services Week 2017 Collage

Friday, May 26, 2017 Mayor John Tory proclaims Paramedic Services Week in Toronto. Sunday, May 28, 2017 Every day we will feature a story about one of our staff members. Today’s profile is of Primary Care Paramedic Dara and her work as a frontline paramedic. Click here to learn more about Toronto paramedics. Monday, May 29, 2017 Every day we … Read More

Cardiac Arrest Survivor Thanks Paramedics for Saving His Life

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Robert Cummings with the paramedics who saved his life

Robert Cummings today met the six paramedics who helped resuscitate him after he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest in August. The reunion took place at 43 Station, 126 Pape Ave., at the station’s official reopening after a significant refurbishment. “Our city’s first responders are true civic heroes, and I am proud to be here today with our community’s paramedics at … Read More

Viral Rap Video from Toronto Paramedic Services

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King Rahim rapper paramedic

To show support for on the job health and safety, the employees of Toronto Paramedic Services have recorded and shot a rap video called “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Me”, showcasing the hip-hop talents of Toronto Paramedic Ammad “King” Rahim. Give it a click and join the thousands of others who have made this a success already, and think about your health and … Read More

Toronto Paramedics Live-Tweet a Day in the Life of a Toronto Paramedic

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Ambulance Call

To kick off Paramedic Services Week in Toronto, interested residents can take a look behind the scenes of the services Toronto paramedics provide to the community. Join Toronto paramedics Ornella Guizzo and Kevin Sam as they help patients by following the Toronto Paramedic Services’ Toronto Medics Twitter account on May 26 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Photos and comments will … Read More